Meet the Founders

      Logan Lezell Bio

      Hi, I’m Logan. I’m an enthusiastic health advocate and skincare expert. I’ve always believed in exercising and eating right.

      I’ve learned that everything we do to our body affects our skin.
      At an early age, I worked in a tanning salon. I witnessed first hand the harmful damage the sun can cause – but not before I experienced it for myself.

      Soon after, I became a licensed Aesthetician. I noticed the ingredients manufacturers were putting into their cosmetics and skin care products. Many were using harsh fragrances, parabens, and dyes – resulting in everything from reddening of my skin to full-blown rashes.

      I thought, if this was happening to me, how could I, in good conscience, use these products on my clients? I decided that I would like to develop a skincare system that is healthy to use and addresses every skins need, even sensitive skin like rosacea.


      Carol Lezell Bio

      Hi, I’m Carol, Logan’s mother. I specialize in vitamins, skincare, and natural eating. My lifestyle has always revolved around health and fitness. Staying fit and active is a big priority in my life. 

      I’m owner of a successful fitness company with many employees. In addition, I'm a certified personal trainer and aquatic aerobics instructor. I’m also a Watsu therapist.  Whether lifting weights, running intervals, jumping rope, playing tennis, rollerblading, bike riding, exercising on the pilates machine, kayaking or walking the dogs, I’m always keeping physically busy.


      I believe staying healthy by, using homeopathy, herbology, myotherapy and natural wholesome eating is essential to feeling well, fit and above all, happy.